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Welcome to The Louisiana Golf Institute 

Louisiana's Premier Golf Performance and Education Network 


Get to Know Us

Idealized in 2023, LGI transformed from a concept to a beacon of innovation and compassion within the golfing world. Founded by a dedicated team of medical and educational professionals, LGI stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to holistic well-being and lifelong learning.


United by their passion for golf and fueled by a shared vision of inclusivity and excellence, these visionary individuals embarked on a journey to create an institution that transcends traditional boundaries, informing and enhancing the golfing experience for enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals of all ages.


With a steadfast focus on integrating health and education into every facet of the game, LGI embodies a harmonious fusion of expertise, compassion, and dedication, setting a new standard for golfing excellence and community engagement.

Golf Shot
“Cory has helped me tremendously in my journey to reach my full potential. I went to him asking for a specific routine to help my golf game. He was able to provide a full head-to-toe assessment and drew up a plan to make stronger and more flexible”

Matt Weber, UNO Golfer

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